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Making My Very Own Lipstick at Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab



I tend to associate custom beauty products with major celebrities and people with far more money than me. A one-of-a-kind product that I created would be fantastic, but I’ve kept that dream on my “If I win the lottery”-list. (I know you have one too.) Well, that was until Bite Beauty came along.

The Canadian beauty brand recently launched their pop-up lipstick lab in New York and I have been freaking out about it ever since. I could make my own lipstick? Right there in the store? For only $28? I had to go.

Yesterday, I finally paid a visit to Bite Lip Lab and it was better than I imagined. In just 7 minutes, the beauty lab techs helped me create a custom lip color that I know I’ll be wearing all summer long.

Come take a digital science field trip with me and read on to see all the photos of how my lipstick was made right before my eyes.

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I want to go on a field trip to NyC now

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    I’m a fan of BITE and currently own two different colors. Now this has to be on my ‘must-to-do’ list when I come to NYC!
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    Majorly jealous of you New Yorkers. That said, I do have a sampler of Bite lipsticks I got for Christmas that I still...
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