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For TAC Staff, andrewgibby is pretty easily our favorite contemporary poet. Last year, they released their 6th album, “Truce”. We also speak about how Andrea views the creative process behind their work.

Also on this episode, Kelsey Gibb! Kelsey and Andrea co-founded stayherewithus (stayherewithme.com/), which serves as an online safe space where community members can share stories, appreciate one another’s art, and speak openly about some of the toughest issues facing young adults today. 

Enjoy the show -MW.

Some of my favorite humans to interact with all in one post! 

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Help us settle something, win a signed FUN. poster, and support LGBTQ youth.


The Ally Coalition is a non-profit centered in music. Naturally we’re always playing something around the office. We enjoy each other’s musical tastes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t often debate whose playlist skills are best.

Now is time, with your help, to settle the competition


  • 4 of our staff members have created a playlist and chosen a local LGBTQ partner organization for whom they are competing.
  • Subscribe to your favorite of our 4 staff Spotify playlists (you’re allowed to choose more than one!)
  • Share the Spotify playlist you followed on Twitter or Instagram under the hashtag #TACify, tagging @AllyCoalition
  • You can enter multiple times. Once per playlist per day.
  • The playlist with the most subscribers wins glory and The Ally Coalition will donate for each follower to the local organization chosen by the winning staff member.
  • TAC will choose one of the posts under the #TACify tag to win a signed FUN. poster! Entry ends 9/12

The playlists can be found on the Ally Coalition Spotify account or at the links below:

Chloe for BAGLY of Boston
Hannah for Just Us @ The Oasis Center of Nashville
Jeb for the Ruth Ellis Center of Detroit
Mike for the Q Center of Portland

Keep an eye next week, we’ll feature each organization and some possible bonus prizes ;)

Y’all. Follow my playlist (or any of them, all of the organizations we’re supporting are incredible)